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Custom Showers

Full bathroom renovation is a big project that requires detailed planning of the layout and selection of the material you choose to use. Our professional, Schluter Certified and highly skilled employees will be able to turn your dream to reality. From the plain and simple to curbless shower with heated floors your possibilities are limitless. Our design team will work with you on planning your bathroom project from choosing a layout for your bathroom to choosing the best paint colour to match the style of your bathroom. We simply provide A-Z service.

Regardless of the size of your bathroom it is a bigger project as it may seem to a home owner. There are many behind-the-scenes tasks required to properly complete any bathroom renovation. It is very important to set a budget for your bathroom project. Unlike other areas of your house, you are starting a project that involves a lot of water and moisture over time. If your previous installation was not properly done you may run into rotten framing and structural work behind showers and bath tubes that may need to be completely replaced which will increase a cost of labor and material. While taking apart toilet and flooring you may run into rotten subfloor issues that will increase a cost of labor and material as well. There are many things that may come up during demolition of the old bathroom so planning your budget for unexpected scenarios is very important. It is overwhelming sometimes to foresee the full scope of work and material. Our experienced staff are here to help you with planning, material selection and ordering at any time until your project is complete.

Our Mission

We strive to create unforgettable experiences and projects to keep our customers for life. Our mission is to complete each and every project as if we were doing it for our own home based on Planning, Material Selection, Permits and Completion.

No Money Down Required!

Have you been putting off your bathroom renovation project because you don’t have the funds to pay for it up front? Kozlov.Financial Services can help! We offer a no money down option with affordable monthly payments that allows you to build your renovation into your budget!

Do you need help planning your project?

Our qualified staff will work with you to plan your project based on your material needs and design preferences. Please reach out to us to plan your video call or in person visit with one of our qualified representatives.